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My goals in providing a consultation are to assess the HWA problem
on your Hemlocks, help you understand your options for treating them,
and present the services I can offer along with a reliable cost estimate.

Key Benefits

Typical Consultation Sequence

1. Meeting with you to
understand your concerns
and see how I can help

2. Inspecting your Hemlocks
to determine if they have
the Woolly Adelgid

3.  Counting your Hemlocks and
taking rough measurements
of their size

4. Figuring an estimate
of the cost to treat
your Hemlocks
5 sm Reaching agreement 2 1-23-09 010
5. Reaching an agreement
on when and how you
would like to proceed


If you'd like me to treat your Hemlocks, please go to the Treatment page.

as you consider whether or not to treat your trees:

Infested trees that are not treated will certainly die.
Infested trees that are treated will almost certainly live.


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