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My goal in treating your hemlocks is to help you save as many of them as possible
for the lowest possible cost.

Key Benefits

Treatment Products

Because of the proven reliability of certain systemic chemicals, they are usually my treatments of choice.  They have been thoroughly tested and, when used according to label instructions, are safe to handle, present no danger to pets or people on your property, and pose no significant risk to the environment.

Application Methods

I use any of the methods listed below to apply treatment, making the choice according to the tree's condition, size, location, and other factors.  The one method I never use is stem injection because of the potential for harm to the tree and the excessive cost.

Typical Treatment Sequence

1. Mixing the chemicals
according to label

2.  Measuring the tree to
calculate diameter at
breast height (dbh)

3. Filling the injector,
being careful not to spill


4. Making the correct
number of soil injections
around the base of the tree

5. Or applying the chemical
as a soil drench if appropriate

6. Marking the tree
to show it was treated



Early detection and treatment are SO important
for preserving the health of your hemlocks
and minimizing the cost of treatment.


Estimating the Cost

The cost is based on the number and size (diameter) of the trees, level of infestation, difficulty of the terrain, and the chemical used.  I evaluate each situation on an individual basis, use my "good neighbor" rates, and do not add any charge for travel. 

As a general rule, one injection is required for each inch of trunk diameter at breast height.  Here are some examples of figuring an estimated cost.

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