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Dr. Mark Shearer - specializing in saving hemlocks from the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Licensed in GA, NC and SC


Here's the Problem.  You are probably aware that Hemlocks in north Georgia are dying due to the predation of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA), a tiny aphid-like insect that was accidentally introduced to the U. S. east coast from Asia decades ago and has now reached our area.  All counties in native hemlock range in Georgia now have infestations.

How Bad Is it?  Most of these magnificent trees in our national forests -- millions and millions of them -- will die within the next 10 years because of the enormous scope of the problem, the limited resources available, and the amazing reproductive capacity of the pests.  And while valiant efforts are being made by the three research labs in Georgia to develop a viable long-term biological solution (predatory beetles), the clock is ticking and trees are dying.  The aesthetic, environment, and economic impact of their loss in our north Georgia mountains is incalculable.

But There's Good News.  As a property owner, you can change that prophecy for your own hemlocks.  You can save them!  Of all the Georgia acres containing hemlocks, over 75% are privately owned.  As majority stake-holders, private landowners stand to lose the most or contribute most to saving the species.  

My Mission

  Me and my faithful
 "supervisor" JonBoy

My name is Dr. Mark Shearer, and I can help you save your hemlocks!  I'm a retired English teacher with 30+ years of experience in teaching and research.  I moved from the Atlanta area to Dahlonega with my wife in 2002.

I first became concerned about the hemlock problem when it showed up on my property along Yahoola Creek in 2005, so I studied and became licensed to treat my own trees.  Then, wanting to be able to help my neighbors and others, I also acquired the necessary commercial and contractor's licenses and am offering my services throughout north Georgia.  I've been treating trees now for thirteen years and am one of the few professionals in the state who specialize in treating hemlocks.

As a life-long outdoors enthusiast, I have a deep appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us, due in no small measure to our wonderful evergreen forests.  I'm also keenly aware of the role these forests have for local tourism, real estate markets, recreational offerings, environmental health and diversity, and overall quality of life.

My company's philosophy is to be a good steward of the earth; to use time, energy, and knowledge proactively to preserve our vital resources; and to give back to the community generously for the sake of our shared future.  I believe in doing the right things for the right reasons and treating people honestly, fairly, and respectfully.


Certified, licensed (GA, NC and SC), and insured.  References available upon request.

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